Generally for the purpose of application interoperability or of capability of using new features we need Data Conversion. This is basically the conversion of one form of data to another. At the simplest level, data conversion can be exemplified by conversion of a text file from one character encoding to another.

To maintain the quality, importance and long time availability of your valuable and priceless data, SHAH DIGITALIZATION provides Data Conversion services in the more secure, beneficiary and more confidential way. Our motto is to provide unbeatable accuracy with best quality, robust data security policy and business continuity plan in place.

Your information is very much vital for your organization, so you must need to convert your data in the easily accessible form for your effective organization functionality. There are different technologies and process challenges are present in the organization to work with that valuable data. So we need data that should be accessible from any diversity in secure way. We need data conversion because-

  • You don’t want any loss of data.
  • You need to make it accessible from different operators.
  • There is multiple input with multiple destinations.
  • Data is more complex to handle.
  • They are not in consistent manner.
  • You need manipulation.

So, welcome to SHAH DIGITALIZATION and make your data in your suitable format. Our data conversion services includes-

  • Document Conversion
  • E-Book / Book / Journal conversion.
  • XML / SGML / HTML conversion.
  • PDF and OCR Conversion
  • PDF from different sources.
  • Conversion from any media and databases.
  • Image data to any database.

At SHAH DIGITALIZATION you get all this services as our promise to give you best quality, more benefits, more security, more confidentiality and unbeatable accuracy.