Data Entry can be a growing burden on existing managerial resources. As the world is moving out of the information age into the innovative knowledge age, Businesses are fast realizing the advantages and economic benefits that can be gained from outsourcing their Data Entry requirements.

At SHAH DIGITALIZATION we provide exceptional quality, high speed and cost efficient Data Entry-outsourcing solutions. We are flexible enough to execute short-term temporary assignments along with the largest ongoing assignments. On average our capacity is approximately 2500 to 3,000 inputted records per day.

We have stringent quality control procedures in place during Data Entry, which enables SHAH DIGITALIZATION to achieve the highest accuracy level. All work is evaluated both manually and by machines. Further more, in order to achieve the highest levels of accuracy all the Data Entry projects are keyed in twice. In addition to 100% key and key verification, we also uses sophisticated computer validations and data tables that allow manual checks. Comprehensive training is provided to each team. Which helps identify specific project requirements before being executed to ensure that it follows the client’s specifications.

Our constant success is totally dependent upon meeting and exceeding our client’s needs. We are proud of working practices that foster enthusiasm, loyalty and commitment, and which serve to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.

We can key data from multiple sources including:

We can provide Output in a number of formats including:

Whilst executing Data Entry projects for various clients we have gained the ability to be not only reactive but also proactive in order to fulfill our client’s requirements in an accurate and a time bounded way. Choosing the right outsourcing firm will allow you to drive operational excellence, enhance efficiencies, and achieve your targeted business metrics. Being at the end of the process there is a regular requirement to turn jobs around faster than anticipated. We’re accustomed to this and will do all we can to achieve your targets.