At SHAH DIGITALIZATION we provide services for manipulation and conversion of documents which includes PDF, RTF, DOC, HTML, XML, SGML, XLS etc. as well as conversion of images for BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF and many more. Further more, we can synchronize your data by converting your Database into XML/SGML/HTML and XLS format and again convert them into your Database format.

We have specialized and extensive process and management for the large and complex projects for the XML/HTML/SGML conversion.

We works with following formats for the document conversion.

  • From Paper Documents or scanned images to MS Word.
  • From TIFF to PDF.
  • Conversion from paper document to computer ready files for the Internet, Internet, Optical Media (CD ROM, DVD) and database.
  • From TIF files to paper documents.
  • From scanned paper reports to excel.
  • From images to XML/HTML/XHTML.
  • Image cropping and enhancement.
  • Copy, Paste, Editing, sorting Data in to any format.
  • Data compilation to PDF from different resources.

Our XML/HTML/SGML conversion services include:

  • Receive client’s requirement and analyze.
  • Design/Modify DTD and schema required.
  • Prepare conversion specification.
  • Confirm sample from client.
  • Clean up data before migrating.
  • Data compilation from various resources like OCR capture, images, graphics, any other additional information etc.
  • Coding.
  • Conversion to XML/SGML.
  • Parsing against DTD.
  • Finalize coding, Proofing, Validation, correction and QC audits.
  • Uploading Data through FTP or via e-Mail.

We have proficient scanning facility and expert technicians to scan printed documents and images for conversion to digital format.

To proficient manual data conversion, proofing as well as editing we have proficient editorial staffs that ensure the accuracy and quality.