By outsourcing data entry operations to off-shore destinations such as India an organisation can benefit by:-

  • Lower costs
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Access to skilled manpower
  • Access cutting edge technologies
  • Organizations can concentrate on their core business operations

These key factors have been the driving forces that have enabled organisations to substantially increase their productivity and give them a competitive edge against the competition.

In some cases handling small data entry projects in-house is a viable option, but in many other situations the process is best handled by experts who work within that area of expertise.

For instance when conducting a large time consuming survey, substantial work, effort, organisation and resources are required from both employees and it’s organisation. Furthermore, conducting surveys and data entry will probably not be the organizations core activity. The answer – Outsource, get the right people to do the right job at the right time. This will allow you to focus on analyzing the data and implement strategic modifications required within the organisation.

Outsourcing data entry to experts makes sense – It’s hugely profitable in terms of saving time, money and eases the burden in terms of administrative and management issues. A professional data entry outsourcing provider will not only manage all of your Organization’s data entry it provides the platform so that supporting systems are in place to get the job done right the first time.





At SHAH DIGITALIZATION the process of learning and evolving is a continuous one. Through this process SHAH DIGITALIZATION has modified and refine its working practice enabling it to provide a dedicated bespoke service to its clients. This has addressed its client needs and requirements throughout the world who ever they are or where ever they are.

SHAH DIGITALIZATION provide comprehensive solutions that enable clients to reduce the burden of work and increase efficacy with its organisation. This has allowed organizations to concentrate and divert valuable resources to their core organizational activities. Not only has this provided a platform to reduce over all operational cost it has also enabled the clients to achieve a significant competitive advantage.

SHAH DIGITALIZATION remain one hundred percent committed to providing a reliable, confidential and transparent service whilst working with its clients. SHAH DIGITALIZATION works alongside clients and become an integral part of their organization. The driving force behind SHAH DIGITALIZATION is success – Simply put – If our client succeeds we succeed.

Fast turn around time

At SHAH DIGITALIZATION we have a dedicated team of professionals who provide a 24/7 service. SHAH DIGITALIZATION is committed to provide the right data to the right person at the right time.  You can rely on SHAH DIGITALIZATION to provide an efficient and professionally executed service that is turned around within the specified time.

Cost savings and revenue increase

Achieving a completive edge or, in the case of IT outsourcing, regaining competitive parity through significant cost reductions has been the initial objective in moving most work to India.
SHAH DIGITALIZATION is equipped with all the latest hardware and software technologies which enables us to provide quality services at low cost.


With SHAH DIGITALIZATION you get an experienced partner with strong of reliability, quality, and service in the data processing and data entry business since 2012.

SHAH DIGITALIZATION offers professional data entry services, offering a one stop solution to all your data entry and processing needs. We have state-of-the-art systems and technology in place to provide a professional outsourcing service specializing in forms processing, data entry, database management and conversion.

Not only you can outsource your data entry requirements you can reduce the need for costly hardware and software expenditures, technical maintenance, staff recruitment and training. Furthermore, our data entry centre can also comfortably accommodate any increase in your business volume providing consistent turn-around times at minimal cost.