With over 5 years experience in data entry and data capture, we have the capacity and expertise to Process any type of data, typed or handwritten, to and from any format.

We key thousands of documents each day from a variety of formats. SHAH DIGITISATION has established a consistent reputation for quality and delivery excellence. A well trained and knowledgeable pool of employees, automated work flow processes proper usage of various tools, an internal Statistical Quality control department and a strong in-house training program has enabled us to achieve an accuracy level of 99.995% in several jobs.

We are open 24/7 and 365 days in year, which helps us to meet the turnaround time of each project.

Proper workflow processes have been developed to ensure high accuracy and quick turnaround. We believe that proper field validations are required to achieve high accuracy levels. Each project is treated independently and systems are designed around the requirements of the specific project.

Our Services

  • Data Management
  • Data Entry
  • Scanning (Government and Private sector)
  • Online Data Entry
  • Data Conversion
  • Document Conversion
  • e-Book Conversion
  • OCR Conversion
  • PDF Conversion
  • Manpower